Kita Kita and the Random Act of Kindness

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Are you feeling down? Life doesn’t make any sense? Do you feel like giving up?

If your answer is yes, then let me share this reflection with you.

Warning: this blog contains spoilers regarding the movie Kita Kita (I See You).

If you haven’t seen it or you don’t have any idea what it is about then here is a synopsys of the movie.

It is about a boy meet girl movie with a simple but effective plot. The Lea (played by Alessandra de Rossi) had a temporary blindness. That’s when she met Tonyo (played by Empoy Marquez) who is a charming and funny guy, who is also not good looking.

In the movie there is a particular scene that struck me. It’s when Lea (not yet blind) noticed Tonyo, always drunk and sleeping on the road side. And everyday as she passes by, greets him a good day and gives him food to eat.

In this moment Tonyo was down and basically gave up on life because of broken heartedness. He considered himself dead, dead on the inside but because of this girl’s kindness and compassion he was brought back to life. She has given him a new life because she believes in him and didn’t gave up on him.

This scene was engraved in my heart because at some point in our lives, we too hit rock bottom. We too may feel down and already raised the white flag but we also have someone who is looking after us, doing every little thing to cheer us up. To bring us back to life even if we’ve given up on ourselves. And that someone is Christ Jesus.

He looks at our poor situation with love and compassion just like Lea. He is nearer to us than we know. Even though we ignore him and put our faith in a can of beer and name it “Sapporo” and declare it as our friend. He is there wanting us to take a shower because we already stink. As Lea told Tonyo, “Maligo ka naman at ang baho-baho mo na“. Upon hearing this and smelling himself, he stood up and took a shower, got a haircut and shaved. Those simple words finally jolted him to life.

Very much like when Jesus went to the tomb of Lazarus. People told him that Lazarus is already dead and decaying but Jesus proceeded and uttered the words “Lazarus come out,” and indeed he came out. We too are being called to come out from our “tombs”. We too are being called to life. God wishes us to live, to live in Him. To tackle life with Him side by side.

The raising of Lazarus

Today, may we hear His voice calling us by name.

Today, may we identify our “tomb” that is keeping us from receiving the life that God is offering us.

Today, may we recognize His loving presence.


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The Author

Dean is an aspiring photographer who likes to capture unnoticeable and fleeting beauty of everyday life. In his free time he likes to play video games, read mystery books and write a couple of things about his reflection on life.

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