Why You Should Write Your Book (Lessons from eBook Queen, Sha Nacino)

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“Writing is such a beautiful calling.”

What is your compelling reason to write your book? How can you write your book? Author and Coach Sha Nacino is generous enough to give us answers thru her free webinar “How to Write your Book, Even if You’re Not a Writer,” last January 24.

If you haven’t known about her, Sha is dubbed as the Wonder Writer and eBook Queen by Bo Sanchez and has written over 9 best-selling books. Her passion is coaching people how to write books because she believes that everyone has a story to share.

I happened to know about her back in 2012 while surfing the net, and at last, I had the opportunity be one of her 100 students, and learn from her first hand in the said webinar. The lessons I got were very enriching. And I’m happy to share with you the highlights.

“If you want to spread a message, you write a book.”

She shared her story as a young professional when she was buried in debt and how she was able to get out of it. Through that experience, she gained financial wisdom. She had a burning message to share but had NO LISTENERS! So, Sha started to write like never before. And that’s another problem, she has never written a book before.  She was hesitant at first. Things like “I’m too ambitious, too young, clueless, and no one knows about me,” were playing in her mind.

Fast forward, she has authored several financial books like Who Took My Hard Earned Money and How to Make More Money Without Quitting Your Job… Yet! What happened? SHE DID IT! As you observed, she’s not really different from the rest of us. She had fears, doubts and hesitations. That’s why ordinary people can relate and learn from her.

And being a book author, you get priceless perks. Her number one blessing as a book author?

Speaking Engagements

Because she shared her financial wisdom in her books, she became a resource speaker in various shows and events like Bo Sanchez’s Wealth Summit, Money Summit, ANC On the Money and even invited by the Office of the President. Yes, the President, as in the President of the Republic of the Philippines.

Blessing Number Two: Passion and Purpose

She published her first book in 2011 and resigned from her work in 2013. Now she can focus in her passion which is writing and public speaking. For her, “work is play, play is work.” And through that passion, she is helping a lot of people, and that includes me.

Blessing Number Three: Touching Lives

“Writing is such a beautiful calling,” she exclaimed.

Take these two scenarios. The first one is this: Ask yourself, who am I? Why would people listen to me and read my book?

The second is this: Ask these questions:

Will my book inspire someone?

Will my book bless someone?

Will my book solve someone else’s problem?

Will my book give hope to someone?

Will people miss out if they didn’t read my book?

Did you see the difference in focus of the two scenarios? The first one is about yourself. The second one IS ABOUT THE READER!

“No matter who you are, no matter what your background is, you are worthy to become an author,” she emphasized.

You might be asking now, “How will I start?”

Sha gave the Three Keys to unlock your writing potential.

Key #1: Message

All of us have that compelling message. Have the heart to write your book and have the right reasons. The fame, branding and money are all consequences of writing your book. Imagine, what if Bo Sanchez didn’t write the book “My Maid Invests in the Stock Market… and Why You Should, Too”?  A lot of people might still be afraid of the stock market. And because he had the compelling reason to write this book, as a consequence, her maid is now a millionaire. Just wow!

Key # 2: Passion

Writing entails hard work and dedication, and to do it, you should love the profession of writing a book.

Everyone can write but the passionate person is likely to succeed.

Key # 3: System

Have the tools to write a book. In her experience, writing her first book, “Think Rich Yuppies” took her three years. She used the trial and error method. Along the way, she discovers a systematic way of writing a book. And for the second book, it only took her three weeks! The system made the difference.

The systematic way of writing a book includes selecting a topic, defining your thesis statement (in other words, what is your book about?), creating a mind map, start and keep on writing, and then edit WITHOUT MERCY. 

Now that’s some valuable knowledge! Now let me end this article by quoting from Bo Sanchez in his book How to Turn Your Passion into Profit which is co-authored with Dean Pax Lapid:

Pursue Fun, and Funds Will Follow

When work is fun, it’ll be more fun than any other kind of fun. My magic 20 percent is communication. Creating something with words and sharing it to the world. For example, writing for me is the ultimate game. Watching an empty computer screen slowly fill up with well-chosen words, sentences and paragraphs – that gives me an exhilarating high.

The perfect vacation for me is spending time with my family and friends. But when everyone is asleep or resting, I’m on the balcony overlooking the beach, writing my thoughts…

I see two kinds of rich people around me. There are those who pursued money. And there are those who pursued fun.

I noticed that those who pursued money became rich. But those who pursued fun became even richer.

You have that book in mind? It’s time to take it to reality.

Write your book.

Mark Lester Fernando

The Author

Hi! My name is Mark Lester Fernando. I am a youth leader, writer, speaker, basketball and science enthusiast (I also work in a science community), and an aspiring voice talent. I love to see God in all things, be it simple or complex. From it, I am able to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. I like to inspire people and write about experiencing the good in everything. I invite you to find peace amidst your busyness and discover the Lord of All Things.

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