Why Do We Love AlDub?

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Kilig, feel good, in love. That’s how we feel when we watch the phenomenal AlDub. Not to mention the laughter we get from the supporting casts (Lola Nidora, Lola Tinidora, Lola Tidora, etc.)

This is a show that every Filipino can relate to. Young and old, the rich and the masses. Practically all walks of life. I simply describe their tandem as a never before seen, whole new class of its own in Philippine TV. A love team that needs no further introduction.

There are so many reasons why we love AlDub. These (in my opinion) are the major ones.

1.) The way they make us feel

We naturally gravitate towards something or someone that make us feel good. And we definitely fell in love with them. At syempre, madami sa ‘tin ang may crush sa kanila. They can also make us feel excited and suspensed. We occasionally get worried for them. Para bang talagang tunay ang istorya nila. For a little while, their story becomes our reality. And this, I think is the very reason why a lot of artists, painters, songwriters were able to create something out of them. Galing ‘di ba?

2.) Their chemistry

They seem to be just playing around while doing the live “Kalyeserye”. They are totally enjoying what they are doing and people can see and appreciate that. Spontaneous, that’s how they do it. As if there’s no need for a script.

Generally, this is why we love AlDub.

But there’s a lot more from this love team. Personally, here’s what I like about AlDub.

The old-fashioned values

Old fashion is boring, difficult, and definitely unattractive. Why? Because most of the old-fashioned values teach us the right things to do. And it’s hard! That’s what makes it unattractive.

But! Thanks to them, old fashion is now the new cool. AlDub is not just a feel good show, it is a very good influence to the youth. Just so you know, this “Kalyeserye” advocates old style of courtship. Where the guy should prove to the lady that he is worthy of her. They demonstrate good Filipino values such as being respectful to the elders, good manners, pagbibigay ng pagsubok, pagpapaalam sa nakatatanda, panunuyo, etc. In this series, they portray that hard-earned love is the sweetest.

And for the girls, Yaya Dub is good for you! I didn’t mean that you do dubsmash or purposely “distort” your face. But as a guy, I appreciate Yaya Dub because she never seems to be insecure at all. And guys fall for that. Even if she purposely “distort” her face, she looks beautiful. She’s kalog and confident. Not trying to be who she is not. Even her extra-large teeth become her asset because of that confidence.

We love AlDub. Well, what’s not to love?

They are the definition of phenoms. Though phenoms come and go, what’s important is what they’ll leave behind to those who were moved by them.

The kilig “AlDub effect” might not be forever. But the way they’ve touched Filipino lives will be felt for a very long time.

AlDub you!

Mark Lester Fernando


PS. Thank you Mr. Logie Gibas for the very nice featured image!

The Author

Hi! My name is Mark Lester Fernando. I am a youth leader, writer, speaker, basketball and science enthusiast (I also work in a science community), and an aspiring voice talent. I love to see God in all things, be it simple or complex. From it, I am able to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. I like to inspire people and write about experiencing the good in everything. I invite you to find peace amidst your busyness and discover the Lord of All Things.

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